Fund Administration, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Marketing, and Transactions

CPAG provides turnkey fund administration solutions:

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Fund Administration

Legal and fund management accounting services including Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation

Customer inquiries

Valuation and pricing including tax returns

Execution of KYC/AML onboarding procedures

Maintenance of units/shareholder register

Distribution of income

Processing transfer, unit/shares subscriptions, and redemptions requests

Contract settlement, including certificate dispatch

Record keeping

Regulatory Compliance

Preparation and submission of regulatory reports to the regulator and the fund’s Board of directors

Handling inquiries relating to regulatory compliance framework

Regulatory compliance monitoring to identify deficiencies

Reviewing the internal operations manuals, onboarding documentation and fund’s client acceptance policies

Anti-Money Laundering

Establishing and monitoring AML policy and procedures

Performing AML due diligence on existing and potential investors and stakeholders

Preparation of annual AML reports and other AML regulatory reporting obligations

Portfolio and Transactions

Advising to undertakings on capital structure

Advising relating to services for acquisitions, mergers and withdrawal of investments of undertakings

Facilities management & real estate administration activities

Other services connected to the management of Fund’s and portfolio companies and assets