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Corporate Governance

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled fund management services to our clients, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge. We strive to cultivate lasting relationships by providing innovating and strategic investment solutions, guided by transparency, integrity and excellence. Through diligent research and forward-looking approach we aim to optimize returns, mitigate risks, and empower our clients to achieve their financial objectives.

In light of the applicable legislative framework, CPAG has established a corporate governance framework in an efficient manner, combining a set of ethical principles and guidelines that enable us to accomplish our investment objectives, operational efficiency, effective leadership and management, and oversight by the Board of Directors, as well as growing the well-being of our stakeholders in the long-term. This ensures that CPAG operates with integrity, is accountable and acts in a professional and ethical manner. The Board works together, and their collective ability facilitates effective decision making to lead a viable, profitable and efficient business.

Ethical Behavior & Integrity

CPAG recognizes the enduring importance of acting ethically at all times and ensuring that its business practices meet the highest standards of integrity. The Company’s commitment to integrity is necessary for protecting and supporting its officers and employees, enhancing the credibility of its business practices, protecting investors and safeguarding its own, as well as the managed fund’s reputation.

We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“the Code”) sets out the principles to guide employee conduct, providing the standards and information to help us do the right thing. Any employee who violates the standards of this code, or other internal controls and procedures, is subject to disciplinary action with zero tolerance.

Environment & Sustainability

At CPAG, we believe protecting the environment is fundamental to the thriving society and sound economy upon which our business depends. Managing our own environmental efficiency is key to our efforts to make CPAG a more sustainable and green investment vehicle. We always try to demonstrate leadership in the energy and environmental performance, through energy-intelligent practices, solutions and services. We also focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our own activities. We try to use less electricity, less paper waste, less travelling and the green philosophy is deeply rooted in our culture and everyday work life.

We recognize the need for continuous improvement in environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and compliance with laws and international standards, aiming at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature. By following a path of sustainable development, we are committed to operate in a manner that ensures environmental protection and health and safety of workers, local community and the public. The company’s environmental policy statement is our commitment to the principles of sustainable working environment. CPAG consolidates the concept of ecological awareness and environmental vision throughout the hierarchy of staff in the company.