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CPAG Fund Management specialized products are exclusively provided to Professional and Well-Informed Investors under the Small Alternative Investment Fund Managers Law of 2020. Our investment management services and funds adhere to the highest standards, duly licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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Our mission is to deliver unparalleled fund management services to our clients, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge. We strive to cultivate lasting relationships by providing innovating and strategic investment solutions, guided by transparency, integrity and excellence. Through diligent research and forward-looking approach we aim to optimize returns, mitigate risks, and empower our clients to achieve their financial objectives.


At CPAG we envision a future where sustainability is the touchstone of our operations, weaving our investment strategies. Our commitment to value is a pledge to deliver not just returns, but enduring impact. Upheld by unwavering integrity, we strive for a financial landscape where risk-adjusted returns are synonymous with responsible investment practices.

Our Team

Our professionals bring a vast experience and a successful strong track records in financial industry such as portfolio management, risk management, investment research & analysis, regulatory compliance and AML, fund set-up and advisory.

Our Investment Approach

At CPAG Fund Management, we focus to constantly follow a robust and disciplined investment approach, designed to generate sustainable returns for our clients across various asset classes including, among others, Equity, Bonds, and Real Estate. We recognize that investment risk levels fluctuate with asset class volatility, shifts in market trend and changes in the broader economic and political landscape. To address these challenges, our investment approach is governed by five key principles:

A) Rigorous Research and Due Diligence: Before making any investment decision, we conduct thorough research and appropriate due diligence including, in-depth analysis of market trends, financial performance, and risk factors to ensure that each investment opportunity aligns with our clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerance.

B) Portfolio Management: We believe in active portfolio management to capitalize on market opportunities, reduce downside risks and produce risk-adjusted returns.

C) Diversification: We provide global diversification by spreading investments across different asset classes, regions, and sectors aiming to minimize the impact of market volatility.

D) Alignment of Interests: Our clients’ interests always come first. We prioritize transparency and adhere to rigorous ethical standards in all aspects of our operations.

Approved Investment Strategies

CPAG has the experience to manage a diverse range of investment strategies including:

Hedge Fund Strategies

Hedge Fund Strategies

Private Equity Strategies

Private Equity Strategies

Real Estate Strategies

Real Estate Strategies

Meet the Team

The members of the Board of Directors and Management team, have been chosen for their high academic and professional skills and expertise in financial services, and are well equipped to provide optimal solutions tailor-made to investors’ needs and financial objectives.

Xenofontos, IFA

Executive Director, AMLCO

Panagiotou, CFA

Executive Director, Portfolio Manager

Spanos, CFA

Independent Non-Executive Director

Papacostas, CFA

Independent Non-Executive Director